We value ALL life. 15% of our sales go to animal rescue and welfare. Always.

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I first ordered TBC in November of 2020. It was your French Roast. I was not prepared for what gourmet small-batch, single-origin coffee was all about at the time. But since you have added blends and offered a subscription service, I am sold! I am looking forward to sharing my love for TBC with everyone in 2022!

Jeff T.

I have many coffee lovers in my family, but above all I have animal lovers! My family is going to LOVE that they are receiving superior gourmet coffee and that a portion of the profits benefit our furry friends. #coffeedoinggood


I encourage everyone to click on the link to children's books in the menu. I did, and I was so impressed to see that the owner of TBC actually began it all by writing books for children on resiliency! And they feature his real-life animals! I truly love everything about TBC: coffee, candles, & a solid mission to do good.


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Welcome Our First "Sister Brand"!

We are so proud to introduce the beginning of a line of industrial coffee shop and home decor. We are now also "Hedge & Harvest" and we can't wait to serve you! Our products are exceptionally crafted with smooth lines, industrial elements, and a simplicity that will become our telltale trademark. Take a moment to peruse our introductory line and enjoy a look that is unique to us... and you.