We value ALL life. 15% of our sales go to animal rescue and welfare efforts.

Thank you for delivering on your promise of delivering the freshest, richest, and most aromatic coffee I have ever experienced. I ordered the Ethiopia Natural coffee. It was roasted to perfection: so many are overly roasted leading to a bitter taste that can only be downed out with a heavy, rich creamer. But certainly, yours was to perfection.


I really enjoy the opportunity to purchase a superior product while supporting a worthwhile cause. So often, quality is sacrificed for profits so the price paid for product is too high. Your coffee, on the other hand, is well worth the cost and the fact that it benefits animal welfare is simply the sweetest part of the deal!


The story warms my heart. From a children's book series that teaches resilience and diversity to gourmet coffee that pairs with aromatherapy to benefit rescue animals. It's a beautiful story and I am proud to be a part of this vision. I love reading the blogs and am absolutely amazed by the book signings, commitment to agency, and quality.


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Welcome Our First "Sister Brand"!

We are so proud to introduce the beginning of a line of industrial coffee shop and home decor. We are now also "Hedge & Harvest" and we can't wait to serve you! Our products are exceptionally crafted with smooth lines, industrial elements, and a simplicity that will become our telltale trademark. Take a moment to peruse our introductory line and enjoy a look that is unique to us... and you.